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At Keynote Construction we work together with homeowners, builders, architects, engineers, and material suppliers to provide high quality and reliable concrete systems for you or your business

Let Us Bring Your Concrete Floors Back To Life

We are a residential and commercial epoxy flooring contractor and polished concrete company that offers many years of experience to assist your needs related to epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, restoring, finishing, and maintaining your concrete floors in commercial and industrial facilities.

At Keynote Construction, we are proud to announce that all of our products are environmentally safe and green efficient. In addition to safety, quality is equally important to us. Our quality objectives are to provide the highest quality polished concrete or epoxy floor that meets our customer’s expectation, schedule, and budget.

Because of our strong relationships with industry manufacturers we are able to use the most advanced polished concrete equipment and tooling to perform the work you need, ensuring that you receive the best floor available. We can perform the work with limited plant and business shut downs, keeping your facility in operation during the floor restoration process and making it easier for you to get the results you desire. For information, questions, and polished concrete floors or epoxy floor systems estimates feel free to call us at (248) 224-8444.

Our Services

Epoxy Floor Coating

At Keynote Construction we specialize in industrial flooring and coatings, including high performance sanitary floor and wall systems, tank linings, chemical resistant coatings, secondary containment, ESD (electro-static discharge) flooring, wall reinforcement systems.

Concrete Polishing

Our polished concrete’s superior durability and performance have made it a top finish for retail stores, warehouses, office facilities, and municipalities. Homeowners, as well, are selecting these smooth, high-luster floors that imitate the look of polished stone.

Specialty Flooring

Our expertise can help you either maintain or install the right specialty floor for your specific needs.

Surface Preparation

We have a wide array of surface preparation equipment for different types of applications. Whether polishing concrete, applying floor coatings, or removal of mastic coatings and sealers, we have the solution for you.

Quartz Flooring

Our decorative quartz seamless flooring system consists of 100% solids epoxy with a chemical and wear resistant urethane topcoat. Quartz aggregate is available in fine and course quartz granule sizes.

ESD Epoxy Flooring

ESD flooring systems are anti static flooring system that serves as the safe control of electrical static charge. ESD flooring helps to greatly reduce or eliminate the potential of accidental electrostatic discharge, which can damage sensitive electronic components during manufacture.

Commercial Painting

We undertake a diverse range of commercial projects ranging from multi-story buildings to architecturally designed interiors.  Our skilled team of quality craftsman have extensive experience and training in a multiple commercial projects.

Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Our metallic floor coatings are 100% solids, 2 part epoxy. It is a special formulated epoxy with a pearlescent metallic pigment. Our metallic coatings requires a primer coat, metallic 100% solids epoxy basecoat with effects, and a UV resistant urethane or 100% solids epoxy clearcoat.

Why us?

Licensed & Insured

As a professional contractor, we are properly licensed to perform construction services at all levels and difficulties.  We are also fully insured. We carry millions of dollars of Liability Insurance, as well as Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Competitive Pricing

Our years of experience with interior space and industrial floors means we know how to price a job competitively. We strive for cost containment at every step of the construction process.

We Are Green

We  only use the best products, and we try to use as much GREEN and ENERGY EFFICIENT materials as possible to ensure your project is safe and free from products that will cause you and the environment harm.


Your best interest is our only interest. And we’ll move forward using our company’s core values to establish mutual trust, and provide you what you need. At Keynote Construction, we take great pride in being your turnkey solution on your next project.

Commitment to Safety

Safety comes first. We invest in jobsite safety and continuing education to provide a safe working environment for everyone working on, visiting, or working near our jobsites.

Capability from Coast to Coast

We have a nationwide presence and reputation. We have completed projects in more than 35 states, from Detroit to Los Angeles. You can count on us to to meet state and local standards while avoiding delays and added costs.

Customers & Partners