ADA Assessments

As time goes on and as business moves forward, there has been little done to end the confusion around the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There are many businesses in the United States—from restaurants and hospitality to retail and banks—as well as state and local governments, K-12 schools, and higher education don’t fully understand its complexities and whether they fall in compliance. Our ADA experts partner with a wide range of owners, retailers, institutions, and agencies to help them gain a better understanding of ADA and develop practical approaches to managing and complying with the regulation.

Our clients’ ADA compliance goals vary. Some take an aggressive, proactive approach while others adopt may wait and see how the tide changes. Regardless of where they fall on the spectrum, our experts begin ADA engagements by conducting a comprehensive assessment to determine the current level of compliance and evaluate those findings against our clients’ objectives. If needed we can document ADA Transition Plans and provide capital planning support, construction management, and field verification of completed work.

Benefits of Our ADA Assessments

  • Deep experience with Title II and Title III entities.
  • Experience with Department of Justice (DOJ) compliance.
  • In-house, dedicated ADA team, with national coverage.
  • Customized transitional blueprints for assessments and compliance.
  • Branding consistency across all locations.