Environmental Studies

Here at Keynote Construction, we provide environmental engineering services to support public and private clients through development and upgrade of water, wastewater and solid waste infrastructure and treatment facilities; underground investigations and associated geotechnical design / soil testing; and identification and remediation of hazardous materials.

Our professional expertise includes a variety of services for the development, analysis and upgrade of public works infrastructure. Our experience includes providing design, inspection, and monitoring for water supply, treatment, storage and distribution; wastewater conveyance and treatment; and landfill, recycling, and waste-to-energy facilities.

We also enjoy working with government and industrial clients to resolve contemporary environmental issues, manage health and ecological risk, and help reduce financial liability.

Environmental Assessments is a core service to us. When our company was founded, we put much emphasize on the environment and building green and lean. We have the experience and expertise to every one of our assessments: traditional ASTM Phase I Site Assessment—Phase II Site Assessment—Asbestos—Radon, Vapor Sampling—Indoor Air Quality—Transaction Screens—Risk Reviews—and Third Party Reviews. We pride ourselves in being scalable, consistent, and a timely provider of Environmental Assessments for portfolios of all sizes, types, and geography. Our clients count on our team for reporting and delivering information important to identifying and evaluating environmental conditions. We have experience using the most up-to-date investigation and analytical methods, using flexible investigation methods and mobile laboratories when appropriate. Our professional in-house expertise gives stakeholders timely access to information they can trust to make better decisions.


Regulatory concern and focus in investigations are constantly evolving.  We strive to be in close contact with regulatory agencies and industry groups to stay on the cutting edge of evolving investigation methods and environmental concerns.

The primary use a Subsurface Investigation is to determine if there is significant environmental damage that may warrant corrective action or remediation. A ground investigations can include collecting soil vapor, soil, and/or groundwater samples at your property.

Properties that are recommended for these type of investigations may commonly include the current and historical use of the property or nearby properties for:

  • Dry cleaning operations
  • Printing Operations
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Purposes
  • Junkyards and scrap recycling centers
  • Landfills
  • Gasoline Stations and Service Stations
  • Underground Storage Tank and Aboveground Storage Tank
  • Hazardous material storage facilities
  • Oil and Gas production, etc.