Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is used to level out sections of concrete that are uneven or damaged due to ground movement or wear over time. Diamond grinding concrete can be a cost effective way to make surfaces safe without the expense of ripping out concrete and re-pouring. We typically grind concrete to prepare the surface for epoxy coatings or to achieve polished concrete. Our grinding service can remove old paint, adhesives and residue. With our state of the art grinding equipment, we can quickly and reliably get your surface ready for your upcoming project.

Concrete Polishing

Polishing concrete in principle is pretty straight forward. We take a rough, porous concrete surface and we polish it to a smooth finish. However, there are several factors to be considered, and several process steps that need to be accomplished in order to achieve the desired final finish.

Aggregate Exposure

If some level of aggregate exposure is desired, this needs to be specified before starting work. Polishing concrete can be done either with or without aggregate exposure. If aggregate exposure is desired, diamond grinding is required before starting the polishing process.

Finished Gloss

The surface is polished in multiple steps, usually starting with 50 or 60 grit diamond pads and ending at 400, 800, 1500, or even 3000 grit finish. A higher level of polish translates into a higher finished gloss level. During the polishing process, a densifier is added to harden the concrete. This helps prevent surface damage and provides a longer service life to your concrete.

Dyes & Stains

To give character to your concrete, color can also be added to the floor if requested.

Polished concrete floors are a great option to bring life and luster to concrete floors. When complete, a polished concrete floor is an attractive and low maintenance flooring option. In addition, polished concrete can provide you many years durability and shine.

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