Mastic Glue Removal

Mastic is the glue that holds down carpet, VCT (vinyl tile), and other flooring systems. Mastic glue is most often adhered directly to the concrete and can be very challenging to remove without certain equipment. Here at Keynote Construction, we have the proper equipment and tooling to perform the toughest mastic removal projects efficiently and effectively.

We are skilled and ready to handle a variety of mastic removal projects and are equipped to tackle any adhesive your project requires. Some tile adhesive can be a real challenge to remove from concrete, making the results you desire to achieve seem like an impossibility. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding mastic glue removal service and allow us to help you get the floor you desire.

Black Asbestos Mastic Glue Removal

Black asbestos adhesive is can be found in homes, buildings, factories, or warehouses built prior to 1984. It is a thick, asphaltic substance that can seem impossible to remove and identify without further analysis. The safest and most efficient method of removing asbestos mastic glue is by wet grinding. While there are many mastic removal products on the market, some of them can require a toxic cleanup and can have heavy fumes, causing harm to you and our environment. When it comes to working in older buildings, the flooring adhesive most often contains asbestos and should require a professional contractor who understands mastic glue removal. Our team has the efficiency and capacity to diamond grind all evidence of mastic down to bare polished concrete by a combination of wet scraping and grinding.

Tile Adhesive Removal

In addition to black mastic removal, there are other vinyl adhesives or tiles glues that you might require to be removed to the bare concrete. Some of these are tan mastics, thin set, or other contact glues. If the concrete under the tile adhesive is going to be polished, it is important to keep in mind that the grid pattern from the tile will remain visible, we call this ghosting. When removing mastic glue, we use a diamond grinding process to keep VOCs low. We do not use any adhesive solvents due to the toxic fumes that are associated with them.

Carpet Adhesive Removal

When remodeling a home or a building, it’s always a huge disappointment to learn that beneath the carpet is tons of old mastic glue that needs to be removed. There are many different challenges when it comes to carpet removal. It can be a sticky, gummy mess for those trying to remove carpet glue from concrete. We have the tools and equipment necessary to perform this floor glue removal service at your project.

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