Match Patch Pro

Match Patch Pro is considered to be one of the hottest concrete polishing products on the market today. FC Fast Cure concrete crack and spall repair system is specifically designed to aesthetically mimic existing concrete and meet the required abrasion resistance for architectural clear seal and polished concrete flooring. At Keynote Construction we use the best available concrete repair products for all our repair needs. Match Patch Pro – MPP is an advanced, fast-setting, long lasting repair material that helps us match and restore any age concrete close to perfection onsite.

Benefits of Match Patch Pro

  • Durable

    Match Patch Pro is hybrid resin blend consisting of Portland Cement and latex binders that overcomes many downfalls of single binder products. There are no known equal or better architectural repair products.

  • Extremely Versatile

    MPP is the only architectural concrete floor repair material that utilizes performance characteristics of multiple concrete binders. What makes MPP so different is that it also has its own scientific color matching system allowing us as contractors to give you the best and near perfect results. 

  • Fast Cure

    MPP can cure for polish in two hours and we can begin our initial grinding within 20 to 60 minutes depending on the repair. Another great point to make is that this material can also accept concrete dyes and densifiers.

  • Great Aesthetics

    It is no wonder why Match Patch Pro is considered to be the most advanced concrete product on the market. It can be matched to any concrete and it does not shrink or crack. It also bonds tenaciously at critical repair edges and does not chip or break at the thinnest feather edges. You will not see any resin / cement stain ghosting or halos around repair areas. It is a virtually invisible crack and spall repair material that we encourage all of our clients to consider using when repairing concrete.