Specialty Flooring

Think about your floors and walls as blank canvas awaiting your dreams and ideas. We take pride in tackling flooring projects that require intense detail and execution. Our highly skilled team are able to create and implement systems completely unique to you and your upcoming project. We have the expertise to design floor systems for trade show displays, auto show flooring, custom logos, and multicolored epoxy epoxy systems. The ideas and designs we can create for you are endless.

Floor Graphics & Logos

Floor graphics allows us to use images, photographs, art and logos with same durability as epoxy resin floors. This new concept is aimed at any business or homeowner that is ready to introduce an inspirational and unique floor to their concrete surface. Embedding logos within epoxy floors offers facility managers a better way to transmit various informational and marketing messages, without the worry that machinery or daily traffic might destroy the older typical floor stickers. Epoxy floor coatings and other various topcoats provide optimal durability and resistance to abrasion. Embedding graphics within an industrial-grade 100% solids epoxy floor is a great way to create an eye-catching look that incorporates your logo or decal.

Safety Striping

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, here at Keynote Construction we offer a complete package for industrial and commercial concrete polishing and industrial floor coatings including safety striping, safety markers, and stop signs embedded into the floor system. We are able install to any size safety line, and any color with crisp clean precision.

Industrial line marking is the dual purpose product used in many building facilities. Firstly, internal floor marking is used to improve storage and floor efficiency by clearly designating areas. Secondly, it is used for safety creating designated areas for pedestrian access routes, forklift truck aisles and no-go-zones, all critical guides to separation without complete restriction.