VCT & Ceramic Tile Removal

Searching for a reliable contractor who can handle your VCT or Ceramic tile removal projects? VCT and ceramic tile removal completed by Keynote Construction is completed with care and high attention to detail.  We are properly equipped and trained for any size VCT or ceramic tile removal job.

When there are large scale or difficult tile removal projects, Keynote Construction is the contractor equipped to handle the job. Our team uses industry state of the art equipment to help save our customers money on every kind of floor removal project.

Vinyl Composition Tile or VCT

VCT is a very common floor covering that is cost effective to install, but unlike polished concrete, it does not last over time, it deteriorates and will needs replacement. When the time comes to replace VCT, a complete removal is more efficient than installing new tile on top of it. We recommend taking the floor to the bare concrete and move towards a green and eco-friendly concrete polishing system. Polishing the concrete under the VCT and mastic glue will provide a cost effective alternative to a new floor covering. When going with a polished concrete system after removing the VCT tiles, we always caution our clients that it will expose VCT ghosting, which is a grid-like pattern from where the old tile used to be. You can rest assured that when working with us, we will walk you through all the pros and cons with each system and that you will be properly informed every step of the way.

Ceramic Tile

When removing ceramic tile, the process can be more challenging and difficult as there are many variables as to how it was installed and what could potentially be under it. We can utilize a ride-on tile removal machine or in special cases we can grind the tile down to your required specs. With ceramic tile, there is a thicker layer of thin-set mortar under the ceramic that must be ground away before to new flooring can be installed. In conclusion, there are many things to consider when removing tile, and we encourage you to contact us and we will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.