Coatings Removal

When renovating concrete floors, often epoxy or self-leveling coatings fail due to moisture, poor surface prep, or wear over time. In order to get a beautiful and consistent results, the first steps in restoring your concrete is remove the existing coatings. Whether your looking to polish your floors to coat them with epoxy, proper surface preparation is imperative.

Epoxy Coatings Removal

Many old garages, warehouses, shops, and factories have been previously coated with an epoxy, concrete floor paint, or other coating system. Over a period of time, these paints begin to fail and delaminate.  As the old epoxy continues to peel, they become harder to maintain as they wear or chip away. The most effective way to restore the floor is to remove the epoxy coating from concrete. Once removed we can either re-coat or polish your floors to make them look new again. What ever you are looking to do with your floor, we would love to help! We are experts at removing all different types of floor paints and we have cleaned and polished to restore beauty and longevity.

Depending on the thickness of the paint, some floors require the concrete floor paint to be removed by steel shot blasting while others can be removed through diamond grinding. For more information on removing epoxy paint from concrete, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Self-Leveler Removal

There can be many hidden surprises when renovating concrete. One of the most common surprises is that after removing VCT, we discover a self leveling compound, which is a soft, cement like, underlayment designed to give VCT and other tile flooring a level finish. Without proper tooling and machinery, leveling compound removal can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

Grinding the Surface is Our Preferred Method of Removal

When removing self leveling concrete products, many people will try to use a jack hammer on it, which will then destroy the existing concrete that we are trying to restore. If you are plan on installing polished concrete or an epoxy finish, this will leave unsightly pop outs and damage on the actual concrete, as a result requiring more work to be performed to the slab.

Using specialty tooling for grinding down self-leveling compounds and underlayments is our preferred method of removal. Diamond grinding the product down to the bare concrete will leave the slab in a smoother and more stable condition than jack hammering. Once removed, the concrete can then be polished or prepped for another floor coating. Please contact us at your earliest convenience for more information on regarding removing coatings and surface preparation at (248) 224-8444.